Your fixers, on demand.

Find the right fixer in minutes with fixipro app

Simple to use

Fixipro helps you to describe the problem and to find the right fixer. Just like that.

Always the best offer

Fixipro connects you to all available fixers around you. You will be able to choose the best one.

Plan your time

You will know exact time when the fixer is coming. You will be notified if the fixer is going to be late.

Fixers you like

Make your featured fixers list. Next time they will come to help you first.

Control your costs

Know your costs before fixer is coming. You are free to choose the best offer.

Feedback matters

Fixers at fixipro meet your standards. You can rate your experience about your fixer.

Repair with Fixipro.

Your price. Your schedule. Your customers.

For Fixers

Easy to join

Everyone is free to join fixipro community. Simply sign up for helping others. Just like that.

Get the right customers

Fixipro is offering you customers in the place you cover and that you are good at.

Easy to evaluate

It is so simple to make an offer with fixipro as you will get exact description, place and photo of a problem.

Schedule your time

Fixipro will remind you about your active tasks so you will be precise with your customers.

Your loyal customers

Fixipro allows your customers to add you to featured list. In this case you will have preference over other fixers.

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